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About Us

The Company

IchigoBlack.com is an alternative clothing company created in late 2008. Everything is hand crafted from start to finish in limited quantities to ensure the originality of the designs. It is not our goal to clothe the masses. We cater to individuals who view their wardrobe as a form of self expression and we welcome you all to join us on our quest to prove that individuality still exists!

The Designer

Chief designer, Sasha "Ichigo" Thomas, is an American girl with a passion for the craziness that is Japan's street fashion! Having the privilege of finally visiting Japan and experiencing it all first hand, she was blown away! That is what prompted the retirement of FFB Designs, the former label, and the creation of Ichigo Black-- A new start for a new concept.

"Don't change who you are to please others, be who you are to please yourself" ~ Sasha Thomas
"My goal with Ichigo Black is to create a clothing line heavy with Japanese fashion inspiration while staying true to myself as a nonconformist. Its hard for designers who don't follow the "Lolita" rules exactly to find their place in this tiny market, however, I refuse to compromise my creativity to fit into any group that doesn't accept me as I am and I encourage you all to do the same!"

In Stores?

Not yet, but, as of January 2010, you can find us at Anime Cons all along the east coast! We sell a wide variety of items not available online, so if you happen to stumble onto our mobile shop, definitely stop by and check it out ^ U ^

The History

Headquartered in Massachusetts, Ichigo Black is an Internet based alternative clothing company launched in August, 2008, though that is not how it all began.
The first label was created in early 2004 after designer, Ichigo, was flamed by over 50 people in a forum because she used the word unique. She was told that being unique is impossible when everyone shops at the same stores. Thus the birth of FFB Designs, which started out as a small ebay based business that offered "unique" one of a kind garments. Ichigo wanted to prove to herself and to the world that we are not all destined to follow the trends of the masses; She wanted to give people the opportunity to express themselves through what they wore without following everyone else. Her clothes aren't the same cookie cutter designs you find at the mall or in popular fashion magazines, and never will be.

Thanks to the support of her customers, Ichigo was able to kiss ebay's crazy fees goodbye and launch her own site, FFBDesigns.com, in late 2005. That is also when she gave up her possible career in Psychology to focus completely on Fashion. 

Since then everything has been growing and improving-- the customers, the product line (we now sell a wide variety of accessories in addition to apparel), and ultimately, the designer herself.

Following the original mission-- Ichigo Black is all about individuality; its a brand that aims to help you create a wardrobe that fits your personality. It is a matured and more focused version of FFB Designs and, with the help of all of you, we hope it can grow into something great!  

Contact Information
E-mail-- info(at)ichigoblack.com 
DeviantArt Gallery
Address-- Ichigo Black--201 South St.--Southbridge, Ma 01550--USA


Brittanny Taylor

*We are constantly looking for new models. If you live in MA and are interested, please let us know!

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